NewChoreographicDesign sees creations of productions, such as performances and videos, as part of their artistic development and expression. Again, their vision and mission is made clear vision "open for all" mission "creative for all" in which their working method is applied "universally". The duo is specified in creating performances based on the man as he or she is, who is a full member of the dance world.

Each group knows its strength, we examine it and develop it into one wonderful concept and representations. The dancer may be physically, socially or mentally different from the other, but they do not name and experience these differences as limitations. We emphasize the uniqueness of each person's movement pattern and on that basis dance develops as a production.

The duo think and create outside the regular frameworks in which they seek out and take on the challenges. They are mainly characterized by strong conceptual productions. In which guts, sense of humour, ecstasy, mysterious, dynamic and powerful theatre images are set out as dance lines, making it an overwhelming experience to look at.

Our Performances



In this performance we not only bring together different generations, but also people from different backgrounds. We, the dancers, examine the frameworks of both the individual and the group. What makes you move?

NKH 2018 - Herdenking (4).jpg

Nationale Kinderherdenking 2019

On 4 May, 100 schoolchildren danced during the National Children's Remembrance in The Hague, a choreography to the Dutch translation of "Imagine".