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New Choreographic Design is a universal art and culture company that is a cooperative between Christoph Eberl and Nelse Van Heurck. The two dance teachers, choreographers and dancers, who have joined forces.

We offer our work to people from different backgrounds, where little or no affinity with art doesn’t matter. Our expertise lies in setting up productions, making choreographies and giving lesson/workshops, in which being open towards everyone plays a central role. Everyone has a different perspective, possibilities and capacities; shortly said: everyone is unique. The individual, the uniqueness and the wish of the person in front of us serve as a pillar for the larger process that NewChoreographicDesign is known for.

Through our universal approach to art, they see art as an accessible medium for everyone.

The name New Choreographic Design describes: the constantly changing view of processes to create a specific design, to get the most out of it for either the individual and/or for the group. The work of Christoph and Nelse differentiates itself from task to task and is choreographed and created especially for the human infront of them.

Central to this process is hearing, feeling and seeing of the individual human being. We see this as one of the most important elements to be able to deliver and create sincere work.

PS: The texts are written by a dyslexic person. Because we stand for uniqueness, we don't adjust it for as yet. Enjoy creative reading!

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