Primary & Secondary Education

Helping the young-old child, as a young adolescent, to develop physically, sincerely (to himself as well as to others), creatively and intuitively is one of the most important roles as pillars that the duo takes on. Through their creativity, dynamism and openness, they stimulate the pupils to connect with each other as well as with their own intrinsic being. In which self-development, cooperation, daring to express oneself as to show oneself, self-imagination, self-observation, self-analysis and self-conceptualisation in full surrender are applied in a dance-like, playful and enduring way.

Imagine a world without creativity, a world without dreams, a world without hope, ideas and ideals. This is a world in which children are not given the opportunity to explore and develop their personality, their intellectuality, their preference, their social behaviour and their creativity. It is a world without color, smell, taste, purpose and sound, it is a lifeless world.

NewChoreographicDesign gives students the opportunity to explore and share their own visions, intellectuality as personality within a secure cohesion. There are no imposed brakes or restrictions by which understanding of body, mind and soul is given free rein by their own as well as by others and can be unfolded as development without judgment or condemnation. Something that their later adults will look back on longingly and in which he or she will spread the acquired knowledge as an experience and make it his or her own.

We see this as one of the greatest added value and are convinced that in the future it will play a major role in the development of our society. In which the growth of equal community interactions in different domains is created, in which being open to the other is a great asset.

Because of this vision, our educational programmes are deeper than the art form itself. It is about the core of being. In the early years it is possible to discuss whether you already know your core or not, but one thing is certain: you start to develop yourself, in which learning and growing your own personality as that of the other is key. In this we believe in the value of your own choices and in carrying your own consequences. In short, we do not believe in right or wrong, but in the choice of the outcome. In this way we empowerment the individual in which we start from the intrinsic desires and questions. There is no right or wrong in this.

Their dance language is explosive, imaginative, energetic, physical, intuitive and compelling. In which acrobatics, physical partner work, modern dance, dance trends and improvisation dance predominate. The lessons are structured in such a way that they fit everyone within his or her needs as a level. Through their philosophical methodology they try to deepen their knowledge and to let the subjects as themes resonate and stick.

NewChoreographicDesign develops teaching material, creates teaching packages and customization in which they guide and empower students, teachers and the school from the first step to the last. We believe in a positive and powerful work spiral in which being open to yourself as well as to others goes hand in hand when learning an art form.

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Tailored to you


Hiring a dance teacher is sometimes only the first step. But maybe you want more: someone who gets to know the school, someone who is able to take your students to a higher level as a team, someone who, together with you, artfully shapes your vision as a mission.

The duo will be happy to sit around the table with you to shape your needs and wishes. Their customization is recognizable: from the first step to the last involved and beyond, in which guiding and empowering is key.

We believe in being open to each other, which creates a positive and powerful work spiral. In addition, we always work towards a captivating and autonomous concept. This creates even more added value and depth.

Take a look at one of their custom projects below.

For more information and/or a non-binding conversation, please contact us.

Take a look at one of their custom projects.