What we offer



Your school wants to work with a specific theme and/or objectives. You want to work in depth with your students. You want a unique and customized program for your students and teachers. You want a special school performance. From short lesson series to cross-curricular lesson packages to captivating school performances, we will be happy to create and assist you further. In which case we will send a skilled teacher who knows how to deliver a high quality. Everything is tailored to the needs and learning goals of your pupils as the school.


Dance and WellBeing

You are looking for a new and more in-depth way to get in touch with your clients and to stay in touch with them. You want to give new tools and tools to your staff and/or volunteers that have an added value for your institution, your staff and your customers. You want to investigate the added value of dance within your institution. Our two working methods offer a solution: "VerbaLess Connection" and "Free the Soul". In addition, we take care of short as well as long projects in which we tailor our program to your needs. Together with your clients, staff and you we create a special connection. (Live music during the lessons is an option.)


Classes - Workshops

You are looking for a class or workshop where you can develop yourself. You are looking for a unique experience. You want to take on a new challenge. You are looking for something where you can be your complete self without the feeling of a limitation. You are looking for yourself in your body and/or mind. We like to take this challenging step with you. During our lessons and workshops we will search with you for your unique movement pattern. 



You want to be amazed, touched and enraptured. You are looking for an experience or you just want to look at it walking. You are curious about something new or perhaps longing for something old. You want to create or deepen an open view and vision. Then take a look at our performances.

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Productie ontwerp en uitvoering

U bent op zoek naar een passende voorstelling en/of concept voor uw evenement, festival of theater. U wilt een voorstelling op maat naar uw wensen. U heeft een te gek idee maar zoekt naar mensen die dit willen meedragen en uitzetten. U loopt artistiek ergens in vast en wilt graag een tweede paar ogen. Wij creëren graag met u en voor u.