Our first home production. 9 dancers from different backgrounds come together and make this performance a reality.


In this performance we not only bring together different generations, but also people from different backgrounds. We, the dancers, examine the frameworks of both the individual and the group. What makes you move? What makes the group move? Or is that the same thing? We explore boundaries. Is a border something essential, something intrinsic to being human? Or is it a fundamental social fact, where a line is a boundary? Or does a border have more to offer? Being', and 'to be' - in its pure form - brings this dialogue to the fore, without judgement - right or wrong. This is where you see the human being. 

During the performance you are more than an audience, more than a viewer: you are both consciously and unconsciously part of the story - as part of your own story. As a human being, you stand opposite-plus-to-be behind us, where a hugging touch between you and the dancers is self-evident.


The Dancers


Jan van Beek

" Enjoyment " is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Jan. Movement offers him freedom, gives him new possibilities and brings him back to life. Driven, passionate and motivated to constantly balance his body and mind. Jan is strong, cheerful, full of dedication and has a heart of gold. You will feel at home with him!


Veerle Kroes

With her sparkling eyes she takes us into her world, a true Mona Lisa. Inside her is a hidden world waiting to be discovered. From time to time we see a glimpse, sometimes a story, but above all she keeps us under her spell again and again. Seeing her dance is offering questions, which are sometimes answered, but sometimes not. Pure magic.


Herman Vriesendorp

Upright. Every movement tells a compelling story. With his openness, he brings his fellow human beings to flourish. He breaks through his own barriers, grows beyond himself and cannot be defeated. Every moment in his dance is honest, warm and moving.


Veerle van der Brug

An immense inner force waiting to give light. With her presence, everything becomes a little bigger and more colourful. Sometimes we can take a dip in the depths of her life. 13 years old and full of discoveries. It is a pleasure to experience every step she takes, to be able to look at her, and to experience that she lets her light shine on you.



She's the core of the game, she's the game. She brings new energy and new possibilities. It is her strength: pleasure and conscious play go hand in hand. Which direction does she choose? What movement? Does she go up or down? She is everywhere. And sometimes she suddenly disappears. We enjoy her tireless play.


Paulien Meijer-Boss

Our protective soul, sensitive, clairaudient-hearing and unique in her being. She doesn't shy away from challenges, surrenders herself completely to her fellow dancers and thereby creates a unique dynamic in her dance.


Emma Schild

Her body becomes powerful, her energy vibrates, her soul waits to surrender to her dance - she is going to conquer the space for herself! Hardly anything that stands in her way. Does she let walls collapse or does she take us with her energy?


Mariam Tawakol

A young rough diamond, only 15 years old. She shows a side of herself that some of us prefer to hide. A dancer who conveys her feelings to her body, she takes you into her story. With heart and body she enchants, conquers and surprises us again and again.


Melany van der Steen

Her soft core, her audible smile that illuminates our rehearsals, her way of working and her focus bring with them a vibrant and special depth. She may be the loudest in the room, but at the same time she is the one who fights the quietest against boundaries. We see her in all her facets, do you see her too?