The Team

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Christoph Eberl

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Marketing, Production, Concept development

Christoph Eberl, dance teacher, choreographer, dancer, psychologist from Austria, finished his study at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and works with in schools and nursing homes. Further, he works together with fragile groups, dancers and amateurs. 
Next to his study of psychology, Christoph has his speciality within the mental, physical and social development within dance.
The aims and the individual structure of the classes are based on a specific methodic called "Elementary Body Concept".

Nelse van Heurck


Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Production, Creator of educational material

Nelse Van Heurck, qualified dancer, choreographer and dance teacher from Belgium. She works and lives in the Netherlands within the educational structure and within nursing homes.
Her expertise lies within the creation of bridges between body and soul in connection with each other and as an individual experience within movement and dance.
She works with different groups from children till elderly people, people with and without mental or physical handicaps. She focuses on mental, physical and social possibilities and wishes/urges from the person in front of her. Nelse stimulates the individual and through doing so also the group.