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 Vision “open for everyone”

NewChoreographicDesign sees art as a tool that allows people to learn more about themselves and creates opportunities for physical and mental development and growth.

Our work is therefore not limited to a specific target group, but rather creates an openness, which gives us the opportunity to welcome different and diverse people. We see and describe this as a "universal" approach. Our universal approach is based on the person who stands before us and therefor is a full member of the dance world. This dancer may be physically, socially or mentally different from the other, but we do not identify and experience these differences as limitations. We emphasize the uniqueness of each person's movement pattern. On the basis of this movement pattern and in close connection with the movement pattern of the other dancers, the dancer develops.

In their approach they are ambitious. They indicate that it is their responsibility to use their knowledge as expertise to approach and portray the same subject in different ways within one classroom, workshop, production or choreography.

We are convinced that everyone has the right to participate. Creating a space and openness to welcome everyone with his or her possibilities and background. Together with the dancer we take up the challenge.

You could indicate that they fall under the subject of inclusion dance. However, this is not the case. For years, both Christoph Eberl and Nelse Van Heurck worked with the theme of inclusion in dance, until they discovered that this actually achieved the opposite. Inclusion dance is based on the limitation of the dancer, a distinction is made between a able and a disabled body. This results in an imposed pattern of movement and the dancer with a limitation is not a full member of the dance world. This actually leads to exclusion. For this reason, their characteristic approach is "universal".

By thinking outside the box and working with their dancers, they started making their first performance called "Universal" in January. Their goal is to show that their working method as a mission & vision is the way to go.

Missie “Creative for everybody”

NewChoreographicDesign has set itself the goal of creating a new perspective within the domain of dance and movement theatre. Through innovative development and problem solving, the company wants to create quality projects that focus on accessibility for all people.

With this company we want to bring art to different social groups, educate people from their level to a deeper understanding of the value of dance and movement theatre. In addition, we want to stimulate contact with dance and movement from the beginning to the development of sustainable growth over the years. The working method of our company therefore revolves around the needs of the independent person and/or social community and focuses on their strengths. In order to realise this mission, to provide a high standard of quality work within different sectors, within witch we offer and introduce dance and movement theatre, we are obliged to create quality work ourselves and to be open to the other.

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